EcoSolutions opened our doors in 1995 with a consulting contract from the Baldwin County, Alabama Commission. Tasked with developing and implementing an environmental policy for the fastest growing county in Alabama, Hutchings went to work with the county planning, building, and engineering departments to create planning tools that would promote environmentally sensitive development and enhance long-term property values. By apply- ing the broad principle that economic and environ- mental health are mutually dependent, EcoSolutions expanded our customer base to include land developers, construction companies, and private individuals. By assisting engineers, architects, and landscape designers in designing and permitting projects that comply with local, state, and federal environmental laws, while also meeting the development objectives of our clients, EcoSolutions has solidified our role as a partner that facilitates success in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have also expanded our services regionally, beyond the borders of Alabama, to assist on development and construction projects in coastal Florida and Mississippi.

By applying innovative problem solving, the most current analytical tools, a thorough knowledge of the regulatory environment, and hands-on development experience, EcoSolutions continues our successful record of saving our clients money while also protecting the environmental resources of the area.