EcoSolutions offers you excellent and affordable service by bringing just the right team to the table. Led by Owner and President Tom Hutchings, EcoSolutions has biologists, environmental scientists, and CAD technicians on staff. We also complement our full-time staff with trusted hydrologists, geologists and other experts when needed, so you don’t pay the overhead for expertise you don’t need.

As an owner and developer of residential subdivisions, commercial properties, office buildings and marinas, Hutchings offers clients the unique perspective and understanding of what it takes to make a project environmentally sound while meeting development objectives. Thoroughly versed in the nuances of environmental regulations and permitting, Hutchings gives accurate assessments of project feasibility and, when warranted, prepares and negotiates mitigation plans for environmental impacts. Having spent more than 30 years in business while dedicated to water quality, he remains committed to developing projects that balance environmental needs with financial success.